How many times have you found a great video resource on YouTube to match a lesson you were teaching only to find that the suggested videos along the right-hand column and comments below the video were either inappropriate or just downright distracting?

Well, I found a great way to remedy this problem! ViewPure is free and basically, displays the video on a clean white background free of comments and suggested videos that typically appear next to the video you had selected. There have been instances that it has not worked with embedded videos but those times have been very rare in my experience. ViewPure is also a great workaround if your district blocks YouTube.

There are two easy ways to use ViewPure. You can either copy the URL of the Video you want to watch and paste it inside ViewPure or you can download a bookmark tab to use, which is quicker to access.

Here are three videos to show you how to use and install ViewPure:

ViewPure Video How To- Maria Kehres

ViewPure Example #1 by Brian Wise

ViewPure Example #2 by Brian Wise

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