Google Basics Series Introduction – “Working With Images”

In this Google Basics series, “Working With Images” we will walk through the four steps kids need to follow when using images in their digital work:

  1. Find & Insert Copyright Safe Images
  2. Saving Images From Websites to Put into a Doc or Slide
  3. Editing Images
  4. Share Images

But First, Explaining Copyright Safe Images

Our students often times struggle to find copyright safe images for whatever project they are working on. If we are truly addressing Google basics here, we need to understand that most of our kids are totally unaware of Copyright laws in the first place. A few advanced users may know how to “Insert” images from inside Docs and Slides, which I highly recommend for beginning Google users. Students that use this feature, do so without even realizing that Google has already filtered their search so that they can take full advantage of the default search setting- “Reuse With Modification” results. However, I feel that this is also a great opportunity to help kids understand that outside of this “Insert Image” feature in Google Apps they cannot just use any image or information they find online without giving attribution to the owner. Students need to know how to adhere to Digital Copyright and Fair Use Laws even though these rules are a bit more flexible when it comes to educational use. (Video Link to Explanation Below)

What is Copyright?

For educational purposes- “Give Credit to Owner or Use Only Part of it to Create Your Own”

Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert. My goal is to raise awareness of the complex issues of online use of images and get teachers to teach that awareness in their classrooms. If you find inaccuracies, please let me know and I will make corrections.

Copyright LAW The person that created an image is the only one that can use it unless they give permission to another person to use it.

Fair Use-  You can use a small part of an image and add your own work to it to make it unique but you may not sell it.

Attribution Tell who the owner is, give “Credit” to the creator. 

Creative Commons– Ways the Creator is willing to share.

Common Sense has a great video explaining “What is Copyright & Fair Use Basics” along with a wealth of other resources for teachers and families.

The main points of this video are “What is Copyright & Fair Use” and what to do if you find an image:

  1. Check who owns the image
  2. Get permission to Use it
  3. Give Credit to the Owner
  4. Buy it if Necessary
  5. Use It Responsibly

If you plan to use the information you learn from this series to teach your students about “Images”, for your convenience, I will post a link to my finished slides (They are still in progress at the time of this post) for you in my fourth and final post- “Step 4 Sharing Images”. My complete slides will have all the links and images you see throughout this series. Please subscribe by leaving your email address at the right or bottom of this page to be notified when updates are posted. ~ Thank you!

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  1. Patty Wolfe

    I would love to see your slides when completed. Such an important topic for our students

    1. robinlimpert

      Thank you, Patty! Check my last post in this series for the link to the final, edited slides or sign up for email notifications when I do complete posts if you are like me and forget to check back. 🙂

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