Keyboarding for Kids - 15 Resources

Young children are being asked to “Show What They Know” in a variety of ways in our schools today. A major inhibition for our young learners is being unable to type what they have to say. Many of our standardized tests require our children to have at least some sense of keyboarding. We are also asking kids to type their research or a narrative on iPads or computers. As a result, we need to prepare them for this new digital form of communication by giving them fun but purposeful experiences without the intimidation of mastery. So, hopefully I can save you valuable time by posting 15 resources for you that I have personally used myself in the form of:

1.  An online typing program suggestion

2. 11 web links to games

3.  2  app suggestions

4.  A parent letter (Word doc.) that I used for you to edit for your own personal use.


1.  My favorite web tool to help kids with keyboarding is “Typing Club”.

Typing Club Logo

Typing Club is free but you will need to sign up for an account and Typing Club will give you your own link for your students to access. It can be accessed at home and keeps track of student progress while allowing feedback on students’ typing speed and accuracy. I pasted my class Typing Club link in our Edmodo Keyboarding Folder for my students to access. I also used a QR Code for those kids that wanted to use their iPads to scan and work at home with an attached keyboard. I sent home a letter to my parents (See item #4 Below) to explain what we were doing and to share the resources that we were using and they could use at home as well.

When I begin teaching keyboarding to my class, I try to emphasize that accuracy is the most important focus, then speed. There have been times of extreme frustration for a few kids and I feel so bad when I see tears as my students try not to look at their keys but by the end of the year, it is second nature to them! The answer?….Games! I found 11 online games for my students that I also posted in our class Edmodo feed. 

2. Here are the web resources that I also have in the Word Document mentioned above:

Links for additional practice that can only be played on a computer because they all require Adobe Flash-

Dance Mat 

Typing Test Games 

ABCYA Finger position

Big Brown Bear -Searches basic Keys

Typing Chef

Keyman- “PACMAN” Style

Keyboarding games- Learning Games for Kids

e-Learning Keyboarding Lesson

3.  Apps:  

    1“My First Keyboard”    My First Keyboard App    $.99 (This app can actually be installed on your iPad to add this primary keyboard            as an option when your child types.)

    2. “Typing Fingers”-   Typing Fingers App   Free or $.99 to remove adds

 4. Parent Letter-

Typing Club and Keyboarding Resources Letter to Parents


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