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It is the time of year that we are trying to not only get to know our students personally, but to learn more about where they are in our assigned academic areas. To do this, we use an arsenal of varied formative assessments to gather the data we need but a big concern for teachers has always been the laborious task of finding, copying, administering, collecting, grading and reporting that information. We live in exciting times, my dear teachers! We have access to so many digital resources that have the ability to make this task easier and engaging for our students. We are hearing more and more about how we need to have a more personalized learning environment in our classrooms and that require more frequent formative assessments in order to group kids into their personalized leveled groups. In this post, I am focusing on three suggested resources to help you with one curricular area, Math Fact Fluency.

Below are three very valuable resources I have used and LOVED in my own classroom not only to give my kids skill and drill practice but to have them participate in high-tech activities that actually teach them new concepts and gather data at the same time. We can then use this data to track progress and share with support staff, parents and most importantly, the kids! Each of these resources give immediate feedback in some sort of “Gamified” format. As we know, our students take greater ownership in their learning outcomes if they are involved in the goal setting, feedback and tracking of their skills.

Many teachers and parents are so accustomed to paper-pencil timed tests that totally stress children out! The digital resources I have to share, alleviate most of that stress because of the privacy of their stats.

Of the three resources, one is an app and only available using an iPad but the other two are web tools and can be used on either an iPad server app like Chrome or Safari or using a Chromebook/laptop.

timed test arcade

#1. Timed Test Arcade– $1.99 iPad and iPhone versions. There is a free version that only tracks addition facts.

I love this app for so many reason but the biggest reason is that it is a way to fully customize students’ math fact fluency timed test from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division and grade them right away for immediate and private feedback on their score. These scores are saved in the app to track progress and can be emailed to parents.

Copy of File_000 File_001

Just select or add new student, set up the testing parameters, like operation, digits and time then click “Go!”.


The app can collect data on multiple students, just remind them to make sure they have logged in as themselves.

#2. Mobymax.com is one of my absolute favorite go-to digital resources for all curricular areas! It is considered an “Adapted Learning Platform” or affectionately known as an ALP. In my opinion, it is a powerhouse for math instruction and data collection. This site has been around for years as “Moby Math” so math is certainly it’s strength. For fact fluency, Mobymax has a tab that gathers great data on the specific facts that students know. It does not have a time test element like the previous app but it does average how long each session took.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.39.14 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.01.24 PM

There is a free version of Mobymax to try for as long as you like and for as many kids as you like but the true power is in the data collected as the kids go through each lesson. At the time of this post, a Teacher Pro license is $99 unlimited students and a School Pro Unlimited license is only $1300. Mobymax has more features than I can possibly go into due to the topic of this post but I HIGHLY recommend that you click on the link above and check out all of the other wonderful tools Mobymax has to offer! You will be so happy that you did. My coworkers and parents were so impressed when they saw all it can do and the developers are continually adding more usable features.

#3. Xtramath.org – A free web tool but $4.99 ios app.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.45.06 PM

This is a great tool for quick and easy assessments that also track and report fact fluency progress to parents. I used this after recess everyday as the kids took a restroom break so as not to take up any instructional time. Parents really liked having it to use at home as well. The link above has a nice little 1 minute video overview for you.

I hope these resources are as helpful to you as they are to me and become a valued part of your fact fluency arsenal of formative assessments. 🙂

*BTW- If you are interested in a more extensive list of math apps, I have another blog post that breaks my favorite apps down into stages of number sense. Just click on the Math Category to your right.

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