3 Ways to Save Images to Google Drive on a Chromebook

Often times, students find copyright safe images that they want to save to their Google Drive to use in a project but getting that image into their Drive can be a challenge. So, here are 3 ways to get those images into Drive. Read below or watch my husband’s (Paul) video HERE that he did for my “Chromebooks For Kids” Hyperdoc coming to Kindle in July. If you are interested in learning more, just look under “Categories” for the “Chrome Squad”.

  1. Two Finger Click on the image- “Save As”
  2. From a Screenshot- CTRL +  (Switch Window Key)


         * Where does the image go from screenshot?- It goes to the temporary downloads at the Right Bottom corner.

         * How do I get that screenshot into my Drive and out of the temporary downloads?

         Click that image from downloads and drag it to your Drive.

  1.    Upload image to PDF  from “Print” Window CTRL + P  then – “Change” – “Save to Google Drive”

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