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Lesson plans,…have you ever wondered what percentage of our day, our week, our careers are based on developing and executing our lesson plans? Would it be safe to say that great lesson plans are a necessary evil to great lessons? So, finding a system and format that works best for us is crucial to our success in our classrooms.

My solution? I have used this online lesson planning tool for the last five years and I have loved it! The best part is when I set up my plans for the upcoming year, all I have to do is select -“Copy” to that upcoming year and everything transfers! Now, I realize that no one does everything the same but it is so wonderful to have last year’s plans as a menu to see what I did last year so I can make improvements to my plans. In past years, I would spend hours each week studying and copying the best parts of my previous year’s handwritten plans to the upcoming year. So now, all I need to do is refine those changes to reflect the improvements. When I have a sub, I can copy or attach to the sub request, that days’ plans with an attachment or a link imbedded. My student teacher was able to access in view only mode to see my plans as well. For a $12.00 a year subscription you can:

This is a screenshot of my plans for the second week of school. Definitely a work in progress but you get the idea.

Planbook Screenshot #1

Also, here are the Tutorials from to help you get started! Try it! You will not be disappointed.


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