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Research has shown (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) that a student needs to become proficient in their computational fluency to best equip them to learn more complex math concepts. This developmental path includes three distinct stages.

Conceptual Understanding, Memory Strategies and Developing Automaticity.

Would you like some awesome apps to corollate with these three stages? You got it! 🙂 I have narrowed down my best apps for each stage. In the following months, I will share a few powerful webtools that I have used but for now, just my list of iPad apps. Most of them had a demo video review that I also included but a few did not have a demo video. (If you subscribed to my blog, then you were able to download my 78 Math app suggestions PDF that I highly recommend and have used successfully in my classroom.)


 3 Predictable Stages of Math Fact Fluency- (Apps Vary in Price based on promotions)


1. Conceptual Understanding Using manpulatives to represent to build strong number sense and counting skills with many opportunities to practice. This stage requires a variety of engaging experiences like story problems using math mats.

More or Less   More or Less – $2.99 (This app is brand new to my this summer so it is not in my free pdf mentioned above)

I absolutely love this app! You can certainly tell when a well seasoned educator is involved in the creation of an app. It is very intuitive and the music and characters adorable. Here is the Link for video demo of “More or Less” app by Marbotic

* You can fully differentiate for the needs of your students’ facts in the settings by turning on the number slides to choose the range of the result and the operands using strategies.

* You may also adjust the in three stages of activities that are represented by three chickens, easy being the chick, hen to rooster.

* Students use various learning modalities by hearing the numbers, seeing them in different colors and dragging them in the correct space.

* The beads automatically bind together when combining to make ten for place value concepts.

Other app suggestions:

Domino Ten Frame  Domino Ten Frame $.99

Quick Images  Quick Images $.99 Demo Video


Number Frames Number Frames Free  Demo Video


Subitizing Subitizing Flashcards $1.99  Demo Video

Jungle Add 1 Touch Math  Jungle Add 1 Touch Math $7.99 Demo Video

* This app is the most expensive of my collection, but truth be told, it is worth the price. I was impressed with the explicit instructions on how to “Touch” each number correctly, in order and placement of each touch! It is arranged in levels to best fit your student’s mathematical needs.


2. Memory Strategies– Using strategies, connections and relationships among numbers. Emphasizing accuracy over speed when beginning. This stage is where our students need more intense support. What strategy to use? Can the student explain their thinking in words, pictures or numbers?

Addimals  Teachley Addimals – Free or $1.99   Demo-  Teachley Addimals Demo Video

* This app does a great job of offering a choice of strategy as a student progresses through the activities. Super cute storyline, too!


Number Pieces Number Pieces Basic – Free  Demo Video

* I use this app to have students show me their flexible thinking around numbers. It also includes a writable whiteboard background for writing numbers in standard, word, expanded form or using the place value blocks. My kids screenshot their work to save in their Google Drive or Dropbox folder.


3.  Developing Automaticity– recall immediately/automaticity

timed test arcade Timed Test Arcade $1.99 – Timed Test Arcade Demo Video

The Lite/free version only tracks and practices addition.

* This app is my heaviest hitting data collector for fact fluency. My kids take a screen shot of their test results and save it to their Google drive or shared Dropbox folder for parents to see at home. It allows the teacher to have a great amount of control over the range and time of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Lite/free version only tracks and practices addition. Here is a screen shot of the customization of options inside the settings of the home screen.

2015-07-15 17.58.23



Door 24 Plus Door 24 Plus – Free  Demo Starts at time- 1:53


Crackers and Goo Crackers & Goo $2.99 Demo Video


Number Bond Blasters Number Bond Blasters – Free


Know your Math Facts   Know Your Math Facts– Free  Demo

By the way…..

Here is the Google Slide displayed during our Math Stations for the beginning of the year. We are basically focusing on Number sense strategies for my below and on level students.

Math Station Apps From Slides '15 png

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