Teach Coding To Young Children- Loopimal

Loopimal- This App Will Be Your Favorite, Too!

Loopimal App

I just had to write about my favorite coding app for young children PreK-2nd- “Loopimal” by YATATOY, available on iTunes for $2.99. It basically introduces sequencing, necessary to coding skills by allowing children to assign patterns of hilarious movements and music to each animal highlighted on the screen. Up to four adorable animals can be dancing at once. I guarantee that you will be anxious to try it out on your own children or grandchildren and even for yourself! I played with it for over an hour the first time I opened it. 🙂

The “Geeks With Juniors” Blog, has a more in depth review along with a quick one minute video demonstrating what the app looks and sounds like.

They have recently updated the app with even more choices of cute animals- Mammoth, Yeti, Octopus, Bear, Bird, Pig, Sloth, Hippo and a Panda.

Loopimal Animals App2016-06-15 12.00.49

I would highly recommend YATATOY’s suite of other creative apps-

Drawnimal app          Miximal App

Drawnimal- iTunes- $1.99                Miximal- iTunes- $1.99 – This app is not only great fun but teaches kids syllabication.

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