Internet Safety for Kids

Internet safety is a huge concern for parents when talking about integration of technology in our classrooms. As a result, this can cause a great deal of stress to us as teachers if we are not confident in our own understanding of utilizing new technology. In my own experience, I have spoken to many parents that come to me worried about their child’s “Screen Time”, which I plan to write more about soon in an upcoming post because I think this topic is one deserving of greater depth because we will be facing this topic for years to come. It is difficult for some parents to adjust to a new way of learning that differs from their own educational experience. Parents and teachers have a heavy responsibility in preparing our children to live in a world of easy access to an overwhelming amount of resources, some resources are healthy, making life better and convenient and other resources that can literally destroy lives. It is up to us to help them know how to protect themselves with our support and procedures in place.

As a mother myself, I consider this to be a cause worth our best effort, modeling self control and discretion just as we would in crossing the street or talking to strangers.

Using Brain Pop Jr. & Kahoot! for an Awesome Lesson & Formative Assessment Combination:

Brain Pop Jr.

In an effort to greater my Blended Learning repertoire, I have found a great lesson resource in Brain Pop jr. for “Internet Safety & Digital Etiquette and many other common core lessons. This web tool and app aligns perfectly across our curriculum from history to math concepts. I highly recommend the paid version, although the lessons I am suggesting here are free, thankfully. My students love the lessons that they can access and replay at their own pace on their iPads or laptop. After the lesson, students may choose an easy or harder quiz on the content of the lesson as they include their name for data collection.

Angela Watson, a highly acclaimed educational blogger, teacher, learning coach, and author of many teacher devotional books writes for Brain Pop so I have a great deal of confidence in the content as a result.

So, in your plans for introducing technology to your students, I am suggesting this Brain Pop Jr. Lesson and on this link you will also see a tab for a Bullying lesson for free (K-4).


To go with this Brain Pop jr. lesson, I found an awesome Kahoot  (Kahoot Video Tutorial) formative assessment that another teacher shared to go with the Brain Pop lesson. Kahoot is a “Gamified” webtool (Not an app yet) that allows teachers to administer a formative assessment in a fun and engaging way but the best part, which is a new feature to Kahoot, the option to see the test data in a spreadsheet format immediately after the “Kahoot” is finished! I know, so awesome! You can also edit an existing “Kahoot” that another teacher has created by finding a relevent Kahoot, hovering over the title, duplicating it so it shows up in the “Created By Me” tab, then you may alter it any way you like.

I hope you enjoy this resource as much as I have! Definately a “Wow Factor” for my kids this week. 🙂

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