Step 2- Who Will I Share With?

Sharing in Google Docs and Slides can be confusing for our younger students. So, I decided to begin a four-part series helping you walk your students through the four basic steps of sharing their digital work in G Suite. My previous post was the first in this series, beginning with the first step- “What Doc Will I Share? In today’s post, I will address step 2- “Who Will I Share With?”

All 4 Steps In Review– Overall, the “Owner” or originator of the Doc has 4 choices to make when sharing in G Suite:

  1. What Doc will I share?
  2. Who will I share it with?  
  3. How will they use my doc?
  4. Where will the link to the Doc be available to others?

WHO Will I Share With? – Students that are under the age of 13 are assigned an email address allowing them an account through their Google district domain but access to their actual email inbox has been blocked. So, they cannot “Share” through email like adults are used to doing. Students can only share with other students in their district domain from two places, using the “Share” tab from inside the Doc itself or by two-finger clicking on the Doc from inside their Google Drive. (See image above) Then, I teach students to begin typing the collaborators name in the “People” option box to find who they want to share with. Google’s predictive technology will begin populating optional names in the box below the entry box to help kids find who they are looking for. Pretty awesome, huh?! These Collaborators can be changed and added at any time by the Owner by selecting the “Share” tab again.

Now that the names are selected, the owner can go ahead and click – “Send” IF they are okay with the editing rights being the default – CAN “Edit”. This allows the collaborator to make any changes they wish to the owner’s document. In my experience, many a tear has been shed when this “CAN Edit” permission is given without kids understanding some basic Collaboration Guidelines, like using the “Undo” command when changes are made without the owner’s permission. I highly recommend a brief detour to help kids with a few basic collaboration skills. I created a free set of slides to teach kids how to Collaborate. Make your own copy here- Collaborating in Docs & Slides

Bonus Tip: The benefit of sharing using the “People” Box instead of the “Get Shareable Link”, is that you can Identify your Collaborators on your Doc more easily. When you use the “Get Shareable Link”, collaborators show up as anonymous.

The Collaborator will then find the Owner’s shared Doc in their “Shared With Me” folder.

So, what if kids do not want to give editing rights to their collaborators? What other options do they have? Well, my next post will be the most complicated part of sharing- Step 3- “How will Collaborators Use My Doc” which explains the three basic types of permissions the owner can grant collaborators:

  1. Editing Rights (Also Called Permissions)
  2. View Only Rights
  3. Commenting Only Rights

Click here for the complete set of slides- “4 Steps To Sharing in Google Docs & Slides” you see from this series, also available on my fourth and final post on this topic so you can display them on your Smartboard or directly with the students themselves.

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