Sharing in Google Docs & Slides Step 4- Where Will The Link To My Doc Be Available For Others?

I want to thank you for the remarkable feedback I have been getting on my “Google Basics” series. As I suspected, there are so many of us working with younger students that are new to Google Apps and we are still trying to keep up learning Google for ourselves! The struggle is REAL but the challenge is totally worth it! Seeing my 3rd & 4th graders creatively and confidently use our Chromebooks delights my soul. As a classroom teacher myself, I understand the pressures and time constraints, so my goal is to provide you with ready-made resources to put in front of your kids to walk them through Google Basics.

This fourth and final step- “Where Will the Link To My Doc Be Available For Others?” may not be a typical action taken by our young students when initially learning how to share in Google Apps but definitely good for you to know and to have available to students if a doc needs to be revisited later, possibly when sharing with new Collaborators. Before I go into the details on this step, let’s take a look at the previous three steps to better understand this process.

To review all four “Sharing” steps or choices the Owner of a Doc has to make as covered in my previous three posts:

  1. What Doc will I share?
  2. Who will I share it with?  
  3. How will they use my doc?
  4. Where will the link be available to others?

Students may need to change who has access to their digital work that is saved in their Google Drive. In this case, they will need to go back into Google Drive and make the link to that Doc available to a new Collaborator or “Share”. Once again deciding what access to grant them, basically revisiting step 3 when selecting “Advanced” from the “Share With Others” screen shown above.

After “Advanced” has been selected, the Owner decides the sharing permissions and how the link to their Doc will be shared:

  1. Public on the Web– Best option for a public event like a concert or fundraiser
  2. Anyone with the Link– Best for a teacher to send out to several students.
  3. Specific People– This is the default setting and the safest option for private documents and homework.

As I mentioned before, this step is not typically necessary for the majority of younger students but there will certainly be instances that they will need to know how to manage these changes in Sharing permissions and access in the “Advanced” settings.

As promised for those of you that have so loyally followed this series, here is the complete set of Google Slides compiled from all 4 of my posts so that you may share them with your students- “4 Steps To Sharing in Google Docs and Slides“.

If you have any ideas on any other “Google Basics for Kids” content I can help you with, please leave a comment and I will look into developing resources for common content requests. A few of you have asked about Google Basics – Teaching Kids to Work with Images. Like, finding copyright free images, saving, editing, using and sharing images.

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4 Thoughts to “Google Basics For Kids- 4 Steps to Sharing in Google Docs and Slides- Step 4 – “Where Will The Link To My Doc Be Available?””

  1. Katie Cerasale

    Thank you! Do you have a resource to explain how to comment on a share document for students in grade 1 and 2

    1. robinlimpert

      Hi Katie,

      Great question! Thanks for asking. 🙂 Comments are addressed in the Slides I created from my “Collaborating” Series I posted last month-

      Step #3 on Slide 8 addresses how and what to say when commenting.

      I hope this is what you were looking for.
      Take Care,

    1. robinlimpert

      You are welcome, Wanda! I am happy you can use my resources. 🙂

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