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I had a problem…my students wanted to record their voices for their digital projects that they were working on in my classroom but like any other elementary classroom, it was too noisy to get a good recording. I thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a recording booth right here in our room?”. I have since then invented a solution, “The Chatterbox“, a small recording box designed specifically for our high-tech classrooms. 

Here are two examples of what I used to do – Tina is sitting at her desk and Paul is sitting in the corner of my room. On both occasions, I tried to walk around the room and keep the class as quiet as possible so that they could record. As you can imagine, my instruction had to stop to manage student behavior to get this to happen, not very practical. We know that using technology to get students to a high level of engagement is pretty easy these days, but keeping that engagement where you want it remains a challenge. My kids were working so hard on their projects but getting discouraged about not being able to hear their voice and I began to see the engagement decline so I had to think of something to keep them motivated.

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Now I use my “Chatterbox” and you can too! See my link below.   2015-10-14 10.36.42

I created this small and portable recording box that has really given my students the confidence to record their voices in any digital project they choose. They love being able to grab the Chatterbox off of my shelf and find a place in the room or in our hallway to record without any intervention on my part. Surprisingly, in this process, I discovered that many kids are a little shy about recording out in the open room as well, so the Chatterbox has encouraged these hesitant participants to record in this private space without distractions from their peers. Using digital recordings of student work is also taking a step closer to that final “Redefinition”step in the SAMR Model of tech integration in our 21st Century Classrooms.

Several of my wonderful “High-Tech” colleagues were kind enough to test my invention and the results were very encouraging. One teacher in my building stated that when her students presented their projects, they could tell a big difference in the volume and clarity in the students’ work when they followed her direction to record using their own classroom “Chatterbox”.

I have been amazed at the response I have received in my district so, now I have my Chatterbox available for $45.99 in Amazon for anyone that is interested in purchasing one for their classroom.

Chatterbox Recording Booth- Amazon Link

What tools am I using to record on my iPads and Chromebooks? –

Coming Soon! I am currently working on my next post- “Awesome Digital Recording Tools for Students” to use when audio recording, saving and sharing digital work. This has been years in the making and certainly a work in progress even as you read this post. Parents are accustomed to getting papers in their student’s backpack to understand what was taught that week so many parents feel uninformed when it comes to understanding what their child’s digital work looks like. I will give you a hint~ Google Apps for Education

I welcome your feedback at anytime to improve my product. ~ Thank you!!

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