How many times have your heard… “I can’t remember my login and I forgot to write it down.” or “Teacher, I lost my login.” It can really be a challenge for us, as adults to keep track of our own logins so how can we expect our students to? After many frustrating attempts to keep track of this information myself, I decided to create something to help my students keep their logins organized. Let’s face it, we elementary teachers often relent to managing way more than we should for our students. I am certainly guilty of this myself! Despite the fact that we need to give our kids opportunities to learn responsibility, they do need our purposeful modeling and tools to do so.

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So, I created “Power Login Organizer” for my students to keep track of our digital resources that are sorted by: commonly used websites, presentation tools, lesson websites, drawing apps, fact fluency apps but most importantly, manage their various logins in many of those resources. You will see the names of over 60 awesome resources that I have tested, both web tools and apps!

 This has taken a long time for me to develop so I hope it is as valuable to you as it is to me and my kids. My students keep this spreadsheet in their planners for easy access and it helps parents (And you!) to see all the tools sorted by category that we plan to use over the course of the year. I have a class three ring binder printed and sitting out available to students for each resource just in case they happen to lose their planner. This system has worked very well for me so far and I have received great feedback from parents too.

*This is spreadsheet is always a work in progress so I do update it every year as we add and delete resources. If you have any questions, or think of something I left out, please leave you message in the comments below.


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