Google Drawings- My New BFF!

Google Drawings is one of my favorite apps in G Suite. You can access it from inside your Google Drive from either your Chrome Web Browser or the Drive App using the “NEW” tab. If you use an iPad you can install the Google Drive app to only view Drawings, though (at this time) it is not possible to edit Drawings on an iPad.

Google Drawings is truly an unsung hero in my mind since most teachers have never even heard of it and it is not prominently displayed with the other powerhouse apps like Docs and Slides. Google Drawings is easy enough for even our younger students to create visuals and a great introduction to using basic digital design functions like:

  1. Working with Images- inserting, editing & cropping
  2. Creating, rotating & flipping shapes, arrows, lines, and equations
  3. Color fill using customizable colors
  4. Adding Text Boxes Or Word Art
  5. Creating a “Hot Spot” or Link


Google Drawings has many of the same tools as Google Slides. Another reason to LOVE Google! Once you learn the “Basics” in one app, many of the tools work the same way in other G Suite apps. The biggest difference between the two is that Drawings only allows you to create and edit one image at a time. The image can also be created with a transparent background which is handy when embedding into another doc. Those subtle gray and white checkered boxes in the default background on a Drawing indicates transparency. Google Slides was created for online presentations and allows the user to create, reorder and delete multiple Slides which in turn allows those awesome transitions to be utilized.  So, if you and your students are new to G Suite, Drawings is a great app to start with!

In my classroom, we have used Google Drawings to create:

  • Research Topic Boards
  • Maps with our own annotations
  • Timelines
  • GIFs-Graphics Interchange Format – Basically a moving image
  • Word Webs
  • Words Their Way Sorts
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Gameboards
  • Book Snaps (Comprehension)
  • Math Story Problems
  • Math Function Machine
  • Geometry Projects
  • Science Life Cycle Diagrams- Water Cycle
  • Comic Strips with our own photos and many more!

My plan for this series:

  1. Exploring the most commonly used tools and uses for Google Drawings. (My next post)
  2. Giving examples of content area projects showing how you and your kids can create images, Picktocharts etc. for Reading, Writing, Math, Science & Social Studies.

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At the end of this series, I will offer you my complete set of Google Drawings Slides (Still in Progress) to teach your kids how to creatively use Google Drawings. My Slides break procedures down into bite-sized pieces, offering you kid-friendly language and all the links and images you see throughout this series so that you may easily use my Slides in class.

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