Portable Recording Booths For Classrooms- Two Models

Amazon Link to Black Cardboard Model -$49.99

* This model is our hottest selling of the two. If it is out of stock, please revisit Amazon again a week or two later as we are having trouble keeping up with the demand. 🙂


Amazon Link to Red Linen Podcaster Model With Pouffe Lid & Pop Filter $79.99

Okay, how many of you have finally gotten your tech routines in place and ready to get your students started with recording audio into their presentation projects, only to be thwarted by the frustration of a noisy classroom?

This was a huge issue for my class last year, so this year, I was determined to come up with a solution to my problem! My students wanted to record and share their “Show what they know” audio recordings in Educreations, Google Slides, Tellagami and Chatterkid Pix. They would be so upset if there was background noise in their recording, so they would ask to go down the hall to a quieter room that was often times used for small group intervention. Students being unsupervised was not a smart option for anyone, so I began researching options for an in-class recording booth. They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so I came up with two small, collapsible and portable box with velcro acoustic tiles inside, the perfect size and weight for my students to carry across the room. We have affectionately named them our “Chatterboxes”. They have worked great and my students love to just grab one off of my shelf and take it anywhere in the room or even in the hallway just outside our door. If you are interested in purchasing a “Chatterbox” for your room, you can purchase one from one of the Amazon links above.

Kits Features Includes:

1 Sturdy portable cardboard box with easy to carry handles on the sides

4 Acoustic Soundproofing Foam Tiles that are Class A fire retardant -12” X 12″ X 1″ (Made in USA) 5th Foam Tile not necessary for base surface. Recording device (iPad/Chromebook) lays on sturdy bottom surface to discourage movement noises which produces better quality sound retention.

Velcro tab sets to adhere foam tiles to the inside top, back and sides of the box. 

Easy to follow assembly directions included along with some suggestions for digital tools my students use.

Light enough for even young students to easily carry

Can be collapsable for easy summer storage


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  1. José Toscano

    Could you send a sample to test before we place an order?

    1. robinlimpert

      Thank you for your interest in My Chatterbox. I would recommend that you place an order through the Amazon link provided in the post and return to Amazon if it does not meet your expectations. Amazon will take good care of you. 🙂

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