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I am so excited to share with you a web tool that I absolutely love,… MobyMax! MobyMax is a powerful and efficient web-based Adapted Learning Platform (ALP) that has been a vital part of my personalized and blended learning classroom. I am constantly amazed at how they are evolving each year to meet the needs of students, teachers and parents. MobyMax offers the only complete web-based K-8 curriculum covering English language arts, math, and science at a very reasonable cost of $100 per class or $700 per school.  MobyMax identifies skill gaps with find-and-fix technology that targets instruction and they advertise that they help students increase one full grade level in just 40 hours. When a student opens a portal for the first time, Moby automatically gives them a placement test to best personalize their lessons in that subject area, automatically! The Writing Assignments portal (Explained in the video) even gives students an opportunity to write an opinion, informational or narrative writing piece and teachers can use Moby’s installed Common Core aligned rubrics to grade student work according to their grade level. Amazing!

MobyMax can be used on any device that has internet access, iPads, Chromebooks etc.. It has reached the “Wow Factor” at many of my RTI meetings when I display to parents and administrators Moby’s varied progress charts and percentage data that is collected as students progress through the video lessons and formative assessments. Moby’s comprehensive system includes multiple motivation tools, test prep, assessments, messaging, parent portal, progress monitoring and my favorite tool- Clicker for easy formative assessments that you can choose from a bank of pre-made questions, some including diagrams and photos, all Common Core aligned. Scrub the Advanced video time bar below to the 31:00 timestamp for quick access to the “Clicker” section of the video.

MobyMax is used in more than half of all K-8 schools in the United States and has more than 11 million students registered. Watch both videos below and you will see why!

  1. Getting Started in MobyMax Video. (5 min.)

2.  Advanced Moby Tutorial (30 min.)  If you do not have an uninterrupted 30 minutes to spare, I recommend opening the videos’ table of contents page (See image below) to see the timestamps on the video for the topics you are interested in. The Science portal is not included yet since it just came out in August 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.04.30 PM

 In the fall of 2015 they are adding 3 new portals for struggling readers, “Early Words”, “Early Reading” and Early Writing”. I am so excited about this! Check it out!!

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