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Do you have Chromebooks in your classroom but not quite sure how to teach your students to use them? Would you like a “Fast Track” way to build a paperless workflow using your new Chromebooks? “Chromebooks For Kids – Training Your Elementary Chrome Squad” is a digital step-by-step comprehensive guide in Hyperdoc Form. It is a structured program for teachers to use in their classrooms to help students use Google tools on Chromebooks in a Personalized Learning Environment. This resource has been used in many classrooms this year with great success!

You will also receive a link to the Google Slides format of the Teacher Edition to project on your Smartboard and a Student Edition in Google Slides format as well. You will use your Teacher Edition to build your own Student Edition that is then shared with your students to complete independently and at their own pace. Both Teacher and Student Editions include over 60 video lesson links and your own Google Form for each of the 9 lessons to assess student achievement.

Elementary children will learn the fundamentals of using the device itself, the basic suite of Google Tools, Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship necessary to be safe and successful in the 21st Century. “Chromebooks For Kids” can be used to teach an entire class or a small tech group.

Students will be empowered to:

*Use a Chromebook responsibly- Basic Keyboarding Lesson Videos with Games for practicing and Touchpad Use
*Understand Online Safety basics like what is considered safe information to share online and to keep information private by creating safe passwords
*Leave a positive Digital Footprint
*Personalize their Chrome Login
*Access and use the Chrome Web Store
*Understand the most commonly used icons to navigate available setting and options
*Detecting false information and web sites online
*Work, collaborate & share using Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Keep and Drawings
*Where to find and save copyright safe pictures on their Google Drive
*Create digital posters and editing images
*Utilize a variety of tools to create and share videos

In Chromebooks For Kids you will receive:
* A Teacher & a Student Edition of “Chromebooks For Kids- Training Your Elementary Chrome Squad”
*Directions on How To Use “Chromebooks For Kids- Training Your Elementary Chrome Squad”
*Instructional Material to best use 6 of Google’s most basic Apps- Chrome, Drive, Docs, Slides, Keep & Draw to Create, Collaborate and Communicate Student Work
*Over 70 Links to Carefully selected Video Lessons (Filtered through “View Pure” so no distractions to see in Youtube) and Websites to teach young children how to use Google Tools using a language they can actually understand!
*Basic Keyboarding Introduction Lessons in Student Edition only including links to games for practicing
*6 Chrome Squad Goals To Guide Action Plans
*3 Charts to Help Manage Learning Paths for Ability Groups
*Over 60 of my “Suggested Apps and Extensions” that link directly to The Chrome Web Store so no searching required.
*10 Google Forms- A Google Form for practice and then each of the 9 steps to assess student mastery before progressing to the next step.
*2 Pages of printable name badge styles for students to wear, along with the actual links used to purchase what I found were the best plastic badges.
BONUS Section:
*How to Find, Edit & Save Images to Google Drive using 6 Different Resources to find Copyright Safe Images
*5 Suggested Video Tools to use and Share Video on Chromebooks
*Printable Storyboard for Students to Use when organizing Video Projects
*And a few creative EXTRAS!

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