Teaching Kids to “Edit” their images can be so much fun! Students love to have the opportunity to be creative and add their own personal touch to the images in their digital work. Especially once they have taken the time to learn exactly what options are available. Here is where you come in, that “Techie Teacher” that has the opportunity to ignite an authentic excitement for digital resources into your students by putting new editing tools in their hands.

The 3 basic options for editing images in Google Docs and Slides are Resize, Flip or Rotate, and Crop. I have a quick 30 – 50-second video demo links below:

  1. Resizing– Making the image bigger or smaller by dragging the blue squares around the selected image.

2. Flip or Rotate– Right Click or Two Finger Click on a Chromebook and select “Rotate” or “Flip”

3. Cropping– Cutting out the unwanted space around the image.

For more advanced editing options, select “Image Options” on the right side of the toolbar:

  1. Recolor
  2. Transparency
  3. Brightness
  4. Contrast

*Bonus- Take photo editing one step further and use Pixler Editor to apply filters, adjust color, crop or even write on top of your image.

Here is an instructional video – “Pixler.com Photo Editor Tutorial 2017” By Technology For Teachers and Students 

If you plan to use the information you learn from this series to teach your students about using “Images” in G Suite, for your convenience, I will post a link to my finished slides (They are still in progress) in my next post- “Step 4 Sharing Images”. My slides will have all the links and images you see throughout this series. Please subscribe by leaving your email address at the right or bottom of this page if viewing from a computer, so you may be notified when updates are posted. If you are reading this article from inside your email or on a mobile device, click on the post title above that takes you to my actual blog post, then scroll to the bottom of the post where it says- “Sign Up To Recieve Updates Here”  ~ Thank you!


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