Google Basics For Kids- Sharing Images

We have finally made it to my last post in this Google Basics Series – “Working With Images in Google“. As promised, the link to my completed slides on this 4 part series can be found by clicking on the link above.

When students have an image in their Drive that they want to share with someone, they will need to know how to select the image and then find the person that they intend to share with, then click- “Send”.

Students under the age of 13 can only share with other students within their district’s domain.  Students age 13 and up have the luxury of utilizing email as a sharing option and sending a link to possible recipients but our little ones do not have this available to them. In classic Google form, there are two options available: (See image above)

  1. Using the “Share” tab when the image is open 
  2. Two-finger click on the image from inside Google Drive.

Then, students begin typing the collaborators name in the “People” option box to find who they want to share with. Google’s predictive technology will begin populating optional names in the box below the entry box to help kids find who they are looking for. Pretty awesome, huh?! These Collaborators can be changed and added at any time by the Owner by selecting the “Share” tab again.

My next series will be on Utilizing Voice Options in Google. This is a huge bonus in GSuite for those of us that work with non-readers and writers. Don’t forget to subscribe to get resource reminders in your inbox~ Take Care!!

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2 Thoughts to “Teaching Kids to Share Images in Google”

  1. Caren Burns

    This is a great resource, thank you! I cannot wait to use this in my class.

    1. robinlimpert

      Hi Caren,
      I am thrilled that you find it helpful! I found that there are very few resources available for our little ones, so I thought I could make them myself!
      Take Care!

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