Google Basics Series: Step 1 – Find & Insert Images

In this Google Basics series, “Working With Images” we will walk through Copyright Basics and the four steps kids need to follow when using images in their digital work:

  1. Find & Insert Copyright Safe Images
  2. Save Images From Websites to Put into a Doc or Slide
  3. Edit Images
  4. Share Images

Step 1- Find & Insert Images

Once students understand the importance of using copyright safe images in their digital work (Addressed in my previous post- Teaching Kids To Use Images in Google- Copyright) they are ready to learn HOW to find them so that the images can be inserted into their project.

The first and easiest way to add an image is to use the “Insert” tab located at the top left-hand corner from inside a Google Doc or Slide. Then students will see the “Insert Image Box“, see below. Type the search term in the “Omnibox“, click on the image and then click the “Select” tab at the bottom.

The second way to add an image is using the “Explore” tab at the bottom right-hand corner. This way you can not only find copyright safe images but you can see the digital attribution link pop-up when you hover over the image in your work. See GIF below for a demonstration.


Lastly, students may use outside sources like websites that contain images that may be used depending on which site you use. Here are a few suggested sites we use in our classroom:

  1.  Creative Commons Image Search Engine
  2.  Photosforclass -photo attribution needed because not CC
  3.  Pixabay No attribution needed since Creative Commons
  4.  Safe Search Kids
  5.  Kiddle- Google’s Safe Visual Search Engine
  6.  Pics4Learning

My next post will address Step 2- How to “Save” these images to Google Drive from external websites.

If you plan to use the information you learn from this series to teach your students about “Images”, for your convenience, I will post a link to my finished slides (They are still in progress) in my fourth and final post- “Step 4 Sharing Images”. My slides will have all the links and images you see throughout this series. Please subscribe by leaving your email address at the right or bottom of this page to be notified when updates are posted. ~ Thank you!

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