I finally found it! The easiest way for primary students to “KEEP” a visual, digital and audio portfolio of their work, Google Keep! Basically, Google Keep allows students and teachers to utilize digital post-it notes that have the awesome capabilities that Google products are known to offer-

  1. Create & Title a note, then share/collaborate across multiple devices
  2. Color code each note using labels so you can find topics more easily in search mode
  3. Upload an image & Audio feedback in mobile app only
  4. Transfer to a Google doc
  5. Set a location Reminder
  6. Lastly, and most mindblowing…utilize the new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities! This basically means you can take any image that has text on is like a business card or even a text from a book and Keep will translate it to EDITABLE TEXT!!! Think of the possibilities here for young children.

Students are able to easily organize work, record their audio comments, share and collaborate with peers and parents no matter what device they have access to, all free!

I am using Google Keep for my 2nd and 3rd-graders and they absolutely love it! You are welcome to use my KEEP Google Slides presentation that I use to teach my elementary students to use Google Keep. There are only four basic slides, three video lessons and a task checklist that I think you will find very helpful. ~ Your Welcome! 🙂

Keep Screenshot for Blog

Whenever they want to preserve a hands-on project, a writing sample, group activity, or best yet, take a screen shot of their work inside ANY app, they can grab an iPad, open the free Keep app and take or import a picture from inside the app itself. They can then assign the note a color, a title, attach an alarm and even add an audio comment in the app. Google recently releasedKeep as an iOS app and the audio recording time is pretty short but I foresee this to be adjusted soon. Below is a student of mine recording her audio note to her work in our noisy classroom using our recording box called “The Chatterbox”. (Available on Amazon here ) The Chatterbox has really helped my kids have a quieter space to record and certainly helps those shy kids that do not feel comfortable recording in front of others. There is a confined sense of privacy that they prefer and allows me to keep them in the room under my supervision versus taking a risk allowing them to record outside of our classroom.

This is my district’s second year using G.A.F.E. (Google Apps For Education), now referred to as “G Suite, so the problem of young children not having access to an email address has been solved. Even though the function of students accessing their actual email for communication has been disabled by our IT department, it does however, allow our younger students to have access to their own Google accounts and all the awesome features that Google apps have to offer them. I am excited about the prospects and the longevity of this tool, knowing that as my students progress from grade to grade, they have a portfolio of work documenting their progress.

It has been wonderful to see the active engagement, ownership and goal setting that naturally happens as a result of our digital projects.

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