Voice Typing in Google Slides

In my previous post in this series, I addressed the many amazing benefits of using voice typing in Google Docs with our younger students. In this post, you will learn how the same voice typing tool we used in docs is used a little differently when working in Google Slides.

The biggest difference in using voice typing in Slides, is that you can only use it in the “Speaker Notes” at the bottom of each slide and not in the slide itself. Then, if necessary, you can copy and paste your transposed text into your project from there. See the video below for a brief demonstration. 

I will offer a complete set of Google Slides on this topic (They are still in progress) in my final post of this series. My slides – “Using Google Voice Tools”  breaks procedures down into bite-sized pieces, offer kid-friendly language and have all the links, videos, and images you see throughout this series so that you may easily use my slides to teach your students how to use Voice Tools for themselves.

*Coming up next- My next post will walk you through using Google’s Text-To-Speech Options. This is one my very favorite functions available to my students that struggle to be independent readers. There are many extensions and apps that will do a good job reading text to students but I have a favorite one that does so much more than most products out there and it is FREE! This resource and all the amazing things it can do will be revealed in greater detail in my next post.

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